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Pineridge Natural Health, a part of TOPCHIRO
Pineridge Natural Health, a part of TOPCHIRO

Our story

A Pickering chiropractic institution for over 30 years, Pineridge Natural Health has been serving thousands in the Durham Region from the corner of Brock Rd. & Highway 2. Founded by Dr. MaryAnn Franko and her husband, Arthur "Art" Kyryllo, this healing space has offered many healthcare services over the years, from chiropractic to massage, nutrition, reiki, etc. Over the years, we have been on a refocusing journey back to our roots in chiropractic. Now, we are excited to be joining the TOPCHIRO international community!

A family calling

The mother-daughter duo of Dr. MaryAnn Franko and Dr. Danica Kyryllo was a long time coming. Having grown up in her mother’s clinic, it was fate for Dr. Danica to follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a chiropractor. Both mother and daughter were inspired by the possibilities offered for people through chiropractic care. They both came into the profession with the goal of providing the most efficient and impactful form of true health care possible. Now, working together, they share their passion for chiropractic with the community around them and with each other.


Our mission

At TOPCHIRO we are motivated to help every client regain control of their health by locating and correcting misaligned vertebrae which allows their nervous system to function at its best. Misalignments are a detriment to the body’s ability to heal due to the interference with the nervous system that they cause. We understand that, with the spine in correct alignment and with a nervous system free from interference, the body has the ability to heal, adapt and be healthy.

Who we are

We are a team of chiropractors who are committed to providing service to the people within our local community and neighbouring areas. We apply chiropractic care proactively to improve spinal health and overall wellbeing. In order to determine if the spine is misaligned, as well as the best method of correction, our chiropractors take objective measurements via thermal readings, palpation and when necessary, x-ray analysis.

A graphic of a spineA graphic of a spine

Meet our doctors

Meet our supporting team

Art Kyryllo, chiropractic assistant at TOPCHIRO PickeringArt Kyryllo, chiropractic assistant at TOPCHIRO Pickering
Arthur "Art" Kyryllo

Chiropractic Assistant

Dr. Travis Corcoran, TOPCHIRO FounderDr. Travis Corcoran, TOPCHIRO Founder
Dr. Travis Corcoran, DC


TOPCHIRO InternationalTOPCHIRO International
TOPCHIRO International

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