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”I have been a patient of Dr. MaryAnn Franko for several years. Best chiropractor I've had & I go weekly for maintenance. Much needed as I train in the gym 6 days a week with heavy lifting.
She is personable and very attentive making sure every part is adjusted included recurring issues. Always a pleasure seeing Dr. Franco and Art on a weekly basis.”

Shawn Christo

”Dr. Franko is very knowledgeable. She corrected my knee alignment, which I didn't even know could be fixed by spinal alignment correction, since all the qualified doctors of my country had told me the only fix for this is surgery. She is also friendly and a good teacher.”

Arshdeep Thakur

”Dr. MaryAnn Franko of TOPCHIRO Pickering has been my chiropractor for over 20 years - she has always treated me according to my body's needs and has done so every two weeks. I am sure she will treat all her patients/customers accordingly.”

Edgar Wilson

Gary and I have been treated by Dr. Franko for over 25 years. Thanks to her excellent care and skill we are able to stay active and enjoy golfing throughout the years. We highly promote this family business.

Suzanne Schmidt

”The only think I miss about living in the city is seeing Dr MaryAnn Franko! She rounded out my health care team and really helped my whole family with chiropractic since 1991 until we moved in 2016. I miss her healing hands!”

Jennifer Adamson

”I have been going to Dr Franko for over 25 years. She has treated me and my and my family successfully through many issues and I visiit her for ongoing maintenance as well. Highly recommend!”

Joanne Shaw

My go-to place for maintaining optimal alignment and physical health for the past 20 years!

Armando Figueroa

”Been going to Dr. Franko for over 20 years now. Have Always been looked after professionally and quickly. I’m over 60 years old , and still play ice hockey regularly with mostly guys half my age ….. I was injured 3 weeks ago by a mid ice collision with my own team mate, and had treatments 3 times a week to realign back and ribs …… I’m way ahead of schedule thanks to Dr. Franko and Art fitting me in for “repairs”. Always a pleasure to be with Art and Dr. Franko …. And I look forward to many more years working with them.”

Dave Wilson

”I admit that I was initially skeptical of receiving chiropractic care, but Dr. MaryAnn Franko and Dr. Danica Kyryllo at TOPCHIRO Pickering completely changed my perception. I've received treatments from both of them and I'd recommend either of them in a heartbeat. Interestingly enough they're actually a mother-daughter duo too, which is pretty cool. They provided me with FANTASTIC care and chiro adjustments that were surprisingly easy and painless, despite my initial trepidation. Over the course of several visits, they alleviated my neck and back pain issues which had been nagging me for eons. They are both wonderfully caring, gentle, friendly, and will patiently explain what treatment they're performing as they go. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Danica and Dr. MaryAnn to anyone looking for chiropractic care for themselves or for their family. They're the best. Three thumbs up!”

Justin Kirkey

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