Unlock relief from osteoarthritis with personalized chiropractic care at TOPCHIRO Pickering. Our approach focuses on joint health and improving mobility for a life with less discomfort. Discover a tailored path to joint wellness today.

Osteoarthritis and chiropractic

Wear and tear, also called osteoarthritis, of the spine and joints is what plaque is to teeth: even if we brush and do our best to prevent it, deposits can still form on teeth. With osteoarthritis (or osteoarthrosis), the cartilage on the joints of the vertebrae can wear and diminish over time with excessive stresses.

While we may not be able to reverse the osteoarthritis and degeneration, regular visits to the chiropractor can greatly improve spinal function and may reduce your symptoms, thereby providing relief.

A woman experiencing pain from osteoarthritis
A woman experiencing pain from osteoarthritis
Common causes of osteoarthritis

Common causes of osteoarthritis are:

A chiropractic assessment for osteoarthritis
A chiropractic assessment for osteoarthritis
  • Physical traumas, such as history of car accident

  • Congenital defect of cartilage

  • Presence of joint disorders

  • Excessive joint mobility/muscle weakness

  • Heredity

  • Older age

  • Obesity

  • Physical strain in strenuous occupation

Our approach

At TOPCHIRO Pickering, we prioritize a comprehensive assessment to identify the underlying causes. We will ask you questions and do a thorough examination. Following this, we determine a plan of care based on your unique situation and goals. Our approach for neck pain looks at your overall health picture and typically includes:

Chiropractic assessment for osteoarthritis
Chiropractic assessment for osteoarthritis
  • Precise assessments to identify the root cause

  • Neurological scans to uncover patterns of stress

  • Chiropractic adjustments tailored for pain relief and neck alignment

  • Rehabilitation exercises for strengthening and prevention

  • Holistic approach for comprehensive neck health

  • Collaboration with other healthcare providers for optimal results

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