Wrist pain

Wrist pain can hinder daily activities, but relief is within reach through chiropractic care.

Wrist pain and chiropractic

Acute wrist pain is often caused by sprains or fractures from sudden injuries. But wrist pain can also result from long-term problems, such as repetitive stress and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some feel pain, while others experience numbness and tingling into the hand, fingers or forearms. By understanding the root cause, you can help reduce the burden of wrist and hand pain.

person experiencing wrist pain
person experiencing wrist pain
What causes wrist pain?

Understanding the origin of wrist pain is crucial. Our chiropractic care addresses common causes such as:

a person's wrist
a person's wrist
  • Repetitive motions leading to strain

  • Overuse injuries from activities or work

  • Misalignments affecting wrist joint function

  • Underlying issues impacting nerve and muscle health

Since the nerves that serve your wrist originate from your neck, wrist and hand pain may actually be related to dysfunctional joint movement (subluxations) in your neck.

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