Art Kyryllo

Our beloved longtime front desk staff member. Father to Dr. Danica and husband to Dr. MaryAnn, Art is an essential part of our family chiropractic office.

Lifelong supporter of chiropractic

Arthur “Art” Kyryllo is a passionate chiropractic health assistant who believes in the power of natural healing. He discovered chiropractic after suffering from serious injuries in his youth, and he credits chiropractic with saving his life. He moved to Toronto from Winnipeg and met Dr. MaryAnn Franko. The rest is history. They have been a team ever since dedicated to their love of chiropractic. Outside of the office, Art enjoys traveling around Ontario and exploring new towns, cities, and hamlets. He also likes keeping up with professional sports, spending time outdoors especially Algonquin Park, working on handyman projects, and learning about nutrition. Art has the curiosity of a child and is always eager to learn new things to improve his skills and understanding. He is a friendly and caring person who strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Arthur "Art" Kyryllo
Arthur "Art" Kyryllo

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